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2 Year Anniversary Tourney

Saturday, October 21 - 3 pm Sign ups 4 pm Flippers Up!

$845 Guaranteed Pot - Top TEN win CASH

1st Place $89 - 2nd $88 - 3rd $87 - 4th $86 - 5th $85 -  6th $84 - 7th $83 - 8th $82 - 9th $81 - 10th $80

Fair Strike Tournament (0-1-1-2)  8 Strikes per player

4 Player Game 1st Place 0 strikes, 2nd & 3rd Places 1 strike, 4th Place 2 strikes.  8 Strikes per player.

$10 Buy-In per person.  $845 Guaranteed Pot!

2 Year Anniversary Party Continues

Sunday, October 22 - 4 pm Sign ups 5 pm Flippers Up!

Join the Strawberry City Smashers for a 3 Strike Split Flip Tournament. 

$5 Buy-In per person.  Cash Prizes

Every MONDAY at 7 pm

Stuffed Puffins

World famous stuffed puffins: Hot Doughnuts filled with ice cream, with a side of whipped cream and sprinkles. Dip the Whip!

Arcades and Pinballs!

We have a great selection of arcade and pinballs, all operating off of good old fashion quarters. 

Our most popular cocktail, the Burt Reynolds Whisky Sour.

Hang out in our blast from the past, the 80s living room. Email us at for reservations.

Drinking & Dragons and Naughty Bingo coming soon

Late night delicious food. Made to Order Paninis, Mega Hot Dogs and Stuffed Puffins!


Beat the Geek Trivia     7 pm

FREE PLAY MONDAY - Play select Machines for Free


Comedy @ 7 pm

Industry Night

25% off with MAST or Casino ID


Karaoke with Crow     at 8 pm 


Military & 1st Responders Night 25% off with ID

Karaoke at 8 pm 


80s Only Karaoke 

with Crow at 8 pm



with KJ Bryce at 8 pm


Naughty Bingo and Drinking & Dragons coming soon...